Almudena Alonso Herrero’s personal webpage

Research Interests:

  • Active Galaxies (Seyferts, quasars, LLAGN)
  • Star Forming Galaxies both in the local and distant Universe.
  • Stellar populations in galaxies.
  • Luminous and Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies.
  • The dusty torus of the AGN Unified Model.
  • Infrared and (sub)millimeter observations.

Member of the IAU, EAS, SEA and RAS.

Corresponding member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences.

Science groups of Infrared Instruments:

Messier 74 or the Phantom Galaxy observed with the MIRI instrument on board the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, J. Lee and the PHANGS-JWST Team.

Recent Selected Results:

  • Deconvolution of JWST/MIRI Images: Applications to an Active Galactic Nucleus Model and GATOS Observations of NGC 5728, M. Leist et al. 2024, ApJ, 167, 96
  • GATOS: III. Revealing the inner ice structure in local active galactic nuclei. I. García-Bernete, A. Alonso-Herrero et al. 2024, A&A, 681, L7
  • AGN feedback in action in the molecular gas ring of NGC7172. A. Alonso-Herrero, S. García-Burillo et al. 2023, A&A, 675, A88
  • GATOS: II. Torus and polar dust emission in Seyfert galaxies. A. Alonso-Herrero, S. García-Burillo et al. 2021, A&A, 652, A99
  • GATOS: I. ALMA images of dusty molecular tori in Seyfert galaxies. S. García-Burillo, A. Alonso-Herrero et al. 2021, A&A, 652, A98
Credit: ESO/A. Alonso-Herrero et al.; ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)

Current surveys:

  • GATOS (Galaxy Activity, Torus and Outflow Survey): An optical/infrared/(sub)millimeter survey of a complete X-ray selected sample of nearby Seyfert galaxies.
  • MICONIC and MIDIS of the MIRI European Consortium.
  • SHARDS: A medium-band optical survey of galaxies and AGN at intermediate redshifts using OSIRIS on the GTC 

Past surveys:

  • ARCHES: A European FP7 project to provide a multi-wavelength view of X-ray sources from the 3XMM catalog 
  • Los Piratas: A mid-infrared survey of AGNs using CanariCam on the GTC. Observations include 100 hours of guaranteed time (Coordinator C. Packham) and 180 hours of an ESO/GTC large program (PI A. Alonso Herrero). The paper with the published spectroscopic catalog -the largest AGN mid-IR spectroscopic survey conducted on a 10m telescope: Alonso-Herrero et al. 2016, MNRAS, 455, 563.

BOOKS (in Spanish)

“Descubriendo Galaxias”, 2022, Next Door Publishers.

“El Telescopio Espacial James Webb”, 2023, Libros La Catarata.

Favorite Clumpy Torus and Disk+Wind Models:


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Last updated: February 2024