ULIRGs ALMA-ELT postdoc at CAB

Title:  ULIRGs ALMA-ELT postdoc at CAB
Centre:  Centro de Astrobiología (CAB/CSIC-INTA), Madrid, Spain
Type:  Postdoctoral


The Astrophysics Department of the Astrobiology Center (CAB/CSIC-INTA),
Madrid, Spain, offers a 3-year postdoctoral position to investigate the
connection between star-formation, AGN, and gas outflows/inflows
(feedback) in ultra-luminous infrared galaxies using high-spatial
resolution observations. The successful candidate will work with Dr.
Miguel Pereira-Santaella and his research group.

The postdoc will analyze already available ALMA data for a sample of
about 40 local U/LIRGs and complementary data from HST and ESO
facilities. This dataset represents the largest sample of ULIRGs
observed at 100-500 pc resolution by ALMA where it is possible to
spatially resolve the high-velocity outflowing molecular gas as well as
giant molecular cloud associations. She/he will be expected to develop
new analysis techniques and models to interpret these data and lead
follow up observing programs. CAB has access to facilities such as ALMA,
IRAM, ESO/VLT, GTC, ING and CAHA telescopes.

Our group is also heavily involved in the development of HARMONI (the
first-light near-IR integral field spectrograph of the ELT). The
postholder is also expected to develop new science cases and simulations
Candidates must hold a PhD in Astronomy or Physics, and preferably
experience in submm/mm data reduction and/or multi-wavelength analysis

The gross yearly salary will be approximately 32400€. The job will start
around June 2020.
Applicants should submit a CV, publication list, and a research
statement (no longer than 2 pages), and provide 2 letters of reference,
to be emailed to miguel.pereira@cab.inta-csic.es . All applications
received before January 19, 2020 will be considered.