Happy 10th birthday, GTC!

Ten years ago, on July 24th 2009, a group of scientists, politicians and the king and queen of Spain celebrated  the official inauguration of the Gran Telescopio Canarias. I was very lucky to share this moment, though back at the time I didn’t suspect how important GTC would be to my research. GTC and its instrumentation have consolidated their performance during these 10 years, and have become a fundamental tool to look for massive stars in other galaxies (with OSIRIS and MEGARA) and the Milky Way (EMIR).

Here’s to many more years of scientific success!

Check out the IAC’s press release, including an amazing video describing the telescope, its history, and GTC’s day to day operations.

MGG at GTC’s inauguration. Trust me, that’s the fanciest I’ll ever look in a telescope!