• Congratulate María del Mar Rubio Díez on her successful PhD defense!

    María del Mar had her PhD defense on January 21st, 2021 at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The examination was held online due to the covid-19 pandemic, but this did not prevent an excellent presentation. Her dissertation entitled “A Multi-wavelength view of Stellar Evolution in Massive Stars” was awarded Sobresaliente cum laude. Congratulations Marimar!

  • Diego de la Fuente wins the PechaKucha competition at CAB

    Mercer 30 in the Dragonfish Nebula, one of Diego’s “cúmulos, jóvenes, masivos”.

    The “MdM CAB Academy Science Communication Competition in PechaKucha format” held on April 2nd, 2020, as an online meeting. Peckakucha is a novel technique to create dynamic, eye-catching presentations, composed of 20 slides that take 20 seconds each.
    Our team member Diego de la Fuente participated in the competition with a presentation entitled “En tres palabras: cúmulos, jóvenes, masivos”. This presentation won the competition and Diego was awarded the “Diploma of Honor in Scientific Communication”.

  • MGG finishes her service at the GUC

    GUC members as of August 2019
    (except for C.R.A.)

    In February 10th-11th 2020, MGG attended her last meeting as member of the GTC User’s Committee (GUC). The GUC works as a two-way communication channel between the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS and the community of its users. During these two years it has been impressive to witness how GTC strives to offer the best service to the community under a rather stringent budget, and it has been a pleasure to work with my fellow GUC members.

  • Sharing our personal experience about doing research abroad

    Credit: Academia María de Maeztu,
    with many thanks to María Paz Zorzano and Susana Cabañero.

    In March 3rd, 2020, Miriam Garcia and Diego de la Fuente participated as panelists in a round table of researchers sharing their experiences working abroad, and giving related advice to younger researchers in the audience. This round table was part of the María de Maetzu Academy at CAB.

  • Seminar in Alicante by Diego de la Fuente

    In October 2nd, 2019, Diego gave a seminar entitled “Young massive clusters: probing our Galaxy” at the Department of Applied Physics in the University of Alicante. The speaker explained how to characterize young massive star clusters through infrared observations, and how to employ these objects as astrophysical laboratories in the Milky Way.