• Seminar in Alicante by Diego de la Fuente

    In October 2nd, 2019, Diego gave a seminar entitled “Young massive clusters: probing our Galaxy” at the Department of Applied Physics in the University of Alicante. The speaker explained how to characterize young massive star clusters through infrared observations, and how to employ these objects as astrophysical laboratories in the Milky Way.

  • CAB-Masivas joins ULLYSES Odyssey

    In 2018 the director of Hubble Space Telescope announced his decision to devote 1000 orbits to exploit the observatory’s unique UV capabilities before it shuts down. Since then, a team of scientist and technicians are working hard to assemble a list of targets of interest to the scientific community and to design the observations, in a project named ULLYSES.

    In May 2019 MGG joined ULLYSES’s science advisory committee, a group of experts that is guiding the decisions of the core implementation team.

    ULLYSES will ensure high-quality UV spectroscopy of more than 200 hot massive stars in the Magellanic Cloud and other Local Group metal-poor galaxies. Not only will it devote an impressive number of orbits to new observations, but also archival data will be reprocessed to a unified standard. Learn more about ULLYSES.