gens-i-genealogies_portadaS. Manrubia and D. H. ZanetteGenesGenealogias_Portada
Gens i genealogies. Sobre la nostra herència cultural i genòmica (Genes and genealogies. On our cultural and genomic inheritance.)
ISBN: 978-84-902-6085-2. Col.lecció Sense Fronteres, Edicions Bromera, 2013 (200 p).

S. Manrubia and D. H. Zanette
Genes y Genealogías. Sobre nuestra herencia cultural y genómica
ISBN: 978-84-370-9293-5. Colección Sin Fronteras. Cátedra de Divulgación de la Ciencia, Publicaciones de la Universidad de Valencia, 2014 (164 p).

S.C. Manrubia, A.S. Mikhailov, and D.H. Zanette
Emergence of Dynamical Order. Synchronization Phenomena in Complex Systems
Lecture Notes in Complex Systems, Vol. 2, 360 pp., ISBN 981-238-803-6. World Scientic Publishing Co., Singapore

R.V. Solé and S.C. Manrubia
Orden y Caos en Sistemas Complejos
Col.lecció Politext, Edicions UPC, Barcelona, 1996 (594 p.)


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River density and landscape roughness are universal determinants of linguistic diversity
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This paper has been featured in Science 344, 340 (Rivers of Words, Editor’s Choice), in The Economist on April 23rd: Mountains high enough and rivers wide enough, and in the Danish newspaper Politiken on August 24th:
Floder og bjerge holder styr på sprog.

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The research reported was awarded a national prize (Diario Medico, Best Scientic Ideas 2005).

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Featured in Physics World, April 1999 (Family ties), and in the Physics Bulletin of Physics News (American Institute of Physics) 428, May 14, 1999 (King Edward III).

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Featured in New Scientist, 8 November 1997 (One law to rule them all), and in The New York Times, 2 September 1997 (Many small events may add up to one mass extinction).

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Featured in Physics World, October 1997 (Power laws for cities).