Workshop & Summer School “Models of Life” — Krogerup Højskole Humlebæk, Denmark

Join us in Denmark, by the sea, and listen to the many interesting talks. You can find more information in the webpage of the meeting, I will be delivering the talk Viral war games. When evolution defeats imagination.

With a focus on simple conceptual and quantitative models, this meeting aims to strengthen the inventiveness in modelling biology across all scales. Speakers are encouraged to present new ideas, theories, and inspiring thoughts. The topics include themes from dynamics of gene expression and regulation, spatio-temporal dynamics, epigenetics, bet-heging, evolution and the many seemingly different solutions that life has found to solve a given type of problem. The challenge is to find out what we can do with all the many things we have learned from biology, and how this can be used to improve our thinking.

Invited speakers:

M. Ackermann, E. Aurell, M. Babu, S. Bornholdt, K. Dill, E. Frey, K. Gerdes, U. Gerland, N. Goldenfeld, A. Grapin-­‐Botton, V. Hakim, J. Härter, M. Howard, M. Hutt, S. Jain, H. Jonsson, K. Kaneko, B. Kerr, S. Klumpp, S. Krishna, J. Krug, M. Lassig, S. Leibler, B. R. Levin, S. Manrubia, M. Marsili, S. Maslov, M. Nicodemi, J. G. Ojalvo, S. Pedersen, S. Pigolof, S. Semsey, T. Shibata, G. V.Shivashankar, L. Simonsen, R. Sole, J. Stavans, L. Tang, G. Tiana, G. Thon, A. Trusina, A. Walczak, H. Williams

You can dowload the poster announcing the meeting here.

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