VII RIA-Tec2Space Meeting

From 19/04/2022 to 22/04/2022, the network for the development of new spatial instrumentation technologies of the Madrid Community (TEC2SPACE-CM) held “RIA-Tec2Space Meeting: Spanish Astronomy Instrumentation“, a meeting that gives continuity to those organised since 2007 aiming to establish a discussion forum for the Spanish astronomical community involved in the development of instrumentation, including both scientist in public research institutes and instrumentation private companies.

Website: RIA-Tec2Space Meeting: Spanish Astronomy Instrumentation

The conference took place in “Salón de actos del edificio Central CSIC” (Serrano 117, Madrid) and was coordinated by the Centro de Astrobiología (CAB, CSIC-INTA).

Specifically, this edition focuses on promoting opportunities for collaboration in space science, opening a discussion forum for the national astronomical community involved in the development of instruments. Likewise, the conference aims to be a meeting point to learn about and discuss opportunities for Spanish entities to participate in ground and space science programmes, including both the research community and companies.

Conference poster

During the meeting, the HARMONI team of the CAB gave 3 different lectures:

  • CAB Contribution to the Instrument HARMONI for the ELT” by Dr. Javier Piqueras López

  • Pick-off Arm Module. CAB contribution to HARMONI-ELT LOWFS” by Alberto Estrada Piqueras

  • Applications of HARMONI’s pointing model. Using prior information to speed up calibrations” by Gonzalo J. Carracedo Carballal